Southern Africa on Show...

The first time I travelled was on a train, going to a youth camp, aged 12, heading from Harare to Cape Town. I knew straight away that I was born to travel. But I had to wait until I was 17 before I could really escape and see the world. Since then I have not stopped.

I have slept in a cave in Turkey, hiked the Tsitsikamma mountains, taken shelter in a hut on Lake Titicaca, walked up Machu Picchu, been stranded in Switzerland, worked in restaurants in Greece, and lived on a kibbutz in Israel. I've flirted with the Swedes, gotten into trouble with Egyptians, been thrown out of Belgium, skiied in Canada and sipped Opium tea in India.

But more exciting, I've tracked lion and been stalked by hyena, watched a bufffalo giving birth, canoed next to hippos and slept alongside an elephant. I've climbed Table Mountain, swum with dolphins and had a leopard dozing on my roof.

At my core I am most passionate about the continent and country that I live in. So much about Africa is undiscovered and I love showing it off to the world.

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